Lunch Menu


Conveniently NaturalMaria Montessori believed that a child with a healthy body, mind, and spirit was more able to make a positive contribution to the world.

Global Montessori Academy has teamed up with Conveniently Natural to provide a convenient school lunch program. Conveniently Natural prepares fresh, organic meals that will sustain your child’s body and mind throughout a busy afternoon.

December 2014 Lunch Menu

1 Meatloaf Cupcakes & Mashed Potatoes: Not your mom’s meatloaf, but our chefs are baking up some savory meatloaf cupcakes (F) and lentil loaf cupcakes (Veg/V) with swirled mashed potatoes on top.  Served with sliced apples on the side.

2 Taco Tuesday:  Still beloved and back again!  Taco Tuesday – vegetarian style with lentil “taco meat” inside all corn tortilla shells and Southwest Sweet Potato Fries to dip in a cowboy and cowgirl dipping sauce.

3 Cinnamon Raisin French Toast Casserole & Egg Muffins:  Sprouted Cinnamon Raisin Ezekial bread cut and baked with a cream cheese drizzle over the top.  Cheesy Vegetable Egg Muffins (F/Veg) or Nutty Trail Mix (V) completes this sweet and savory “Breakfast for Lunch.”

4 Basil Pesto Grilled Cheese Sandwiches:  Nut-free pesto slathered between two sliced of whole wheat bread and grilled with organic cheese accompanied by a crunchy dehydrated veggie assortment. Purple grapes served on the side.

5  Pear-a-normal Lunch:  Crackers, Uncured Pepperoni (F), and Organic Cheese (Veg) or Almond Butter (V) to build your own Lunchable.  Served with pear slices and Almond Oatmeal Cookie Clusters.

8  Cheeseburger Macaroni:  This pasta dish puts the glove-with-a-face “Hamburger Helper” to shame!  Our whole grain pasta is mixed with grassfed beef (F), homemade organic cheese sauce (Veg/V), and a few sneaky veggies.  Cinnamon Applesauce served on the side.

9  Smashed Bean & Cheese Burritos:  Smashed beans, grated vegetables, and cheese melted and tucked into a whole wheat tortilla.  Organic corn tortilla chips served to dip into homemade salsa.

10  Funny Face Pizzas & Grinchy Green Smoothies:  In preparation for the Holiday Program, let’s hope these Funny Face Pizzas give them extra smiles for the stage!  The Grinch is mixing up some special green smoothies for added energy.

11  Chicken Soup for the Soul:   Homemade chicken noodle soup (F) or Vegan Jambalaya (Veg/V) to warm the heart and comfort the belly.  Cheesy Garlic Breadsticks served on the side (dunking optional).

12  Pizza Pasta Bake & Wacky Banana Splits:  Curly noodles, organic marinara, and roasted broccoli baked with a cheesy pizza topping.   Bananas topped with Coconut Chia “Pudding.”

15  Bubba Gump’s Shrimp & Angel Hair Pasta:  Like Bubba said, shrimp is the fruit of the sea.  With a light lemony butter sauce, this angel hair pasta is tossed with shrimp (F) or organic walnuts (Veg/V) and peas.  Pineapple chunks served on the side.

16  “Que Pasa” Enchiladas:  We know “what’s up” with layers of all-corn tortillas, organic cheese, and homemade enchilada sauce.  Green salad tossed with cranberries, almonds, and raspberry vinaigrette on the side.

17  Turkey Pot Pie:  Thanksgiving is over, but we’re still grateful for turkeys.  Plenty of vegetables mixed with our savory turkey pot pie (F) or lentil pot pie (Veg/V).  Drop biscuits accompany to dunk or crumble on top.

18  Cheese & Veggie Quesadillas:  Zucchini and yellow squash diced and grilled for a perfectly melted cheesy quesadilla.  Dehydrated Fruit Leathers rolled on the side.

19  No-Contest Hot Dogs:  Let’s keep the competition out of the classroom with these Organic Chicken & Apple Sausage (F) or Vegan Field Roast “hot dogs” served with locally made wheat buns.  Champion Carrot & Parsnip Fries on the side.

F = Flexitarian;  Veg = Vegetarian;  V = Vegan