Lunch Menu


Conveniently NaturalMaria Montessori believed that a child with a healthy body, mind, and spirit was more able to make a positive contribution to the world.

Global Montessori Academy has teamed up with Conveniently Natural to provide a convenient school lunch program. Conveniently Natural prepares fresh, organic meals that will sustain your child’s body and mind throughout a busy afternoon.

November 2014 Lunch Menu

Nov 3
Kansas City BBQ: “Magical BBQ Beans” over Rice served with Easy Cheesy Cream Corn. (Think Jack Stack BBQ with a healthy twist.) Sliced apples on the side for an All-American meal.

Nov 4
Taco Tuesday: So beloved was Taco Tuesday last month that we’re bringing back every other Tuesday. We’ll mix up the fillings this time around ~ Grass-fed Ground Beef (F)or Organic Lentil “Meat” (Veg/V) into all-corn taco shells topped with organic cheese, chopped romaine and home-made salsa! Served with Cheesy Mexican Rice.

Nov 5
Cinnamon Raisin French Toast & Wacky Banana Splits: Sprouted Ezekial bread dipped and baked to serve with organic agave nectar. Bananas topped with Greek Yogurt (F/Veg) or Soy Yogurt (V) and mixed berries will complete “Breakfast for Lunch.”

Nov 6
Macaroni & Cheese: Traditional elbow noodles with an organic cheese sauce and silly green peas. Served with Pumpkin Chocolate Chip muffins and grapes.

Nov 7
Easy Cheesy Lasagna: Layers of whole wheat noodles, organic mozzarella and cottage cheese (F/Veg), or (V) lentils and vegan cheese with zucchini strips and veggie-packed marinara. Served with fresh green salad.

Nov 10
Healthy Joe Sliders: You won’t be hearing our Lunch Lady make these “extra sloppy.” Kids loved these Grass-Fed Ground Beef (F) or Organic Lentil “Meat” (Veg/V) guts mixed with our specialty “Joe” sauce on local whole wheat buns. Served with Garlic Potato Fries and applesauce.

Nov 11
Lap Top Lunchables: Layer whole grain crackers with your choice of Organic Almond Butter or Organic Cheese. Served with a side of fruit and a Brainy Brownie Bite. (Shhh…our secret ingredient to these grain-free brownies? Black beans.)

Nov 12
Chicken Parmesan over Spaghetti Noodles: Organic Chicken (F) or Organic Tofu (Veg/V) breaded and baked atop spaghetti noodles and homemade marinara. Served with Roasted X-Ray Vision Carrots and warm buttery garlic bread.

Nov 13
Sesame Orange Chicken & Shrimp: Across the Road & Under the Sea ~ surprisingly, students loved the shrimp last month so we’re serving up this sweet dish with jasmine rice and Tasty Treetop Broccoli. Pineapple chunks on the side.

Nov 14
Quesadillas: Organic Cheese (F/Veg) or Almond Cheese (V) melted between two whole wheat tortillas. Fresh raw veggie sticks served with Southwest Ranch dressing and fruit on the side.

Nov 17
Hakuna Frittata: Farm fresh eggs mixed with Power Punch Broccoli and baked in a “no worries” frittata. Served with roasted potatoes and Banana Bread.

Nov 18
Taco Tuesday: Lord Business will NOT destroy the universe on THIS Taco Tuesday! Grass-fed Ground Beef (F)or Organic Lentil “Meat” (Veg/V) scooped into all-corn taco shells topped with organic cheese, chopped romaine and home-made salsa! Served with Cheesy Cream Corn and sliced oranges.

Nov 19
Teriyaki Chop Chop (Chopsticks Optional!): Lo mein noodles with colorful veggies make it easy to pinch with chopsticks. Edamame in the pods and pineapple served on the side.

Nov 20
Turkey Trot Sliders: Gobble Gobble! Fresh roasted turkey sliced and served on local whole wheat buns. Dehydrated Crunchy Sweet Potato Chips and peaches on the side.

Nov 21
“Que Pasa” Enchiladas: We know “what’s up” with layers of all-corn tortillas, organic cheese, and homemade enchilada sauce. Green salad tossed with cranberries, almonds, and raspberry vinaigrette on the side.

Nov 24
Polenta Pizza Bites: As corny as it sounds, we can’t get enough of this veggie-packed polenta topped with broccoli and cheese. Served with dehydrated fruit leathers.

Nov 25
Fancy Bowtie Alfredo: Organic Chicken (F) or Chicken Friendly (Veg/V) bow tie pasta mixed with peas and our vegan cheese sauce. Served with Grateful Green Beans and Garlic Bread.

Nov 26
Thanksgiving Feast